About us


In 1989, Ko Noordman established the nursery on Burg. Smitweg. While in the early years, for example, large nothofaguses and ilex were grown in pots with root ball and dwarf rhododendron, Ko gradually specialized increasingly in the cultivation of annual deciduous shrub planting material. Since 2000, Ko has focused more on a wide range of planting material, among which acer, fagus, hamamelis, hibiscus, syringa and viburnum accounted for the largest crops..


Since 2010, nature-friendly control of diseases and pests has become a major challenge. Ko did not strive to produce on a larger scale, but mainly to produce in an environmentally friendly manner. This meant that a number of species had to be abandoned and that increasingly, the company relied on the use of natural enemies. As a result, we drastically reduced the use of chemical agents and now mostly use it for weed control only.


In March 2022, Lars, Ko’s son, joined the company. A rich and rewarding childhood at the nursery enticed Lars to pursue his study and a career in this field. At first he worked elsewhere for a number of years to gain useful and beneficial experiences. But blood is thicker than water, and at the end of 2021, Ko and Lars decided to continue the nursery together. Sustainable production is our biggest priority. Our challenge for the coming years is to expand our trading volume and to offer a wide range of grafted plants. We are challenged by increasingly scarce starting material and changed climatic conditions.