Product range

We grow about 200 different types of plants, from Acer to Zelkova, from a twisted Corylus to a straight Carpinus and from a finely branched Syringa to the thick branches of a Catalpa. We have mother plants of all species at our nursery. This means that we produce our own varietally true scions every year. See our list of products for all the varieties we grow.

One-year old outdoor

Starting in March, we transplant our grafts and scions to our outdoor plots. After each growing season, we dig up everything starting in November. The roots are shaken out, leaving weed seeds present in the soil. The plants are then sorted and bundled in lots of 10 or 25 plants seedlings. We deliver one-year old saplings mostly in wooden pallet boxes.

Summer grafts

In summer we propagate our plant material in our greenhouse and foil tunnels. Acer palmatum, Acer campestre, Quercus palustris and Viburnum are available from us in many different varieties. We deliver summer grafts in November. The plants are then grown and free of wild shoots from the lower stem, so they are immediately ready for potting, planting or hibernating.

Winter grafts in bio-degradable pot

Winter graft are grown in a bio-degradable pot. After grafting during the winter months, we bring the plants into our foil tunnels in the spring so that the plant develop strong and powerful branches. We deliver the plants so that they can be processed directly at the customer's nurseries on the potting or planting machine. Of course, the plants are free of wild shoots out of the rootstock.